SaniStride shoe sanitizer mats made in USA since 2011

Shoe Sanitizer Mats

Designed to effectively deliver disinfectant to the bottoms of footwear to diminish the spread of Germs.

Industries Choice for Functionality, Durability, Ease of Use, Biosecurity – Extremely Effective Shoe and Boot Antimicrobial Mats once Disinfectant is added to the SaniStride® System.

Our Low Profile “Stride” Mat meets ADA Specifications.

SaniStride® Mat Systems – “Two Steps Closer to Reducing the Spread of Germs”®

MADE IN THE USA since 2011

Which Shoe Sanitizer Mat fits your needs to diminish the cross-contamination of germs?

Commercial, Industrial, Office and Home Applications

Shoe Sanitizer Mat Video Demos

Low Profile 1/2” Deep Mats

COMMERCIAL Shoe Disinfecting Mat – easy to cross-over and meets ADA specifications – for Schools, Public & Employee Entrances, Interior Passageways, Athletics, Healthcare, Retirement Homes, Emergency Rooms, Laboratory, Locker rooms, and more…

SaniStride Low Profile 1/2” deep shoe sanitizer mat disinfects the bottoms of footwear once customer adds sanitizer, meets ADA specifications

Stride  1” Deep Mats

INDUSTRIAL Shoe Sanitizer Mat now with 4″ ramps for Food Manufacturing & Beverage Production, Farm/Agriculture, Veterinarian, Military, Emergency Services, Construction Sites, and more.

SaniStride Stride 1" deep shoe sanitizer mat is antimicrobial when customer adds disinfectant to the boot bath mat system

Sport 1/2” Deep Mats

SMALL & COMPACT Shoe Sanitizing Mat for Home, Healthcare, Dental, Athletic, and more. Portable for use in Fire, Ambulance and Auto.

Sanistride Sports mat, adding shoe disinfectant diminishes germs on shoe bottoms, use for athletics, locker rooms, wrestling, gyms

What Customers Say About SaniStride® Shoe Sanitizing Floor Mats