Simple Setup & Maintenance

Shoe Disinfecting Mat Setup & Maintenance is Simple

PLEASE NOTE – when performing your INITIAL Shoe Disinfecting Mat Setup – Because of a soaping agent used in the manufacturing process of the insert carpet, the first time a liquid is added to the insert of our Shoe Disinfecting Mat, it may produce a volume of suds. To avoid this occurring, upon receiving the insert, flush both sides of the insert with clean water and allow it to drip dry on edge overnight before using the system for the first time.

Our proprietary inserts, handmade in Portland, Oregon since 2011 are unlike any other shoe sanitizing floor mat component on the market. The Stride at 1 inch thick and the Low Profile at 1/2 inch thick are TRIPLE LAYERED and composed of a high-grade indoor/outdoor carpet and a very absorbent interior material. They are very spongy/absorbent and retain within the material a majority of the germ-killing liquid added to them.

Because of their proprietary composition, when stepped on, these double-sided inserts have the ability to deliver a large quantity of the shoe disinfectant up into the treads and arches of footwear thoroughly saturating them as well as the sides of the sole.

STEP 1: Dilute the Concentrated Shoe Disinfectant

Dilute the Quaternary or other non-chlorinated, non-sudsing (cleansers can be slippery) concentrate by mixing the specified quantity of liquid with 1 gallon of water. Please follow the dilution rates of the concentrated shoe disinfectant as per the manufacturer’s label on the container.

NEVER USE CHLORINE BLEACH in the SaniStride® System – it can possibly damage the rubber mat and insert. Some disinfectants, even after diluting with water, have very high concentrations of Peroxide or other very caustic chemicals. These chemicals can cause the Polyester thread that holds the insert pieces together to actually desintergrate. SaniStride will not replace inserts or rubber base-mats damaged by caustic chemicals free of charge. Contact your local janitorial supplier for a concentrated, non-sudsing Quaternary Disinfectant or other non-chlorine based concentrated sanitizer that you will dilute with water. Using a concentrate and diluting it yourself is a very inexpensive alternative to using a “ready to use” sanitizer.

STEP 2: Position Your Shoe Sanitizer Mat

As part of Shoe Disinfecting Mat Setup – If needed, set the system on top of a 4’x6′ (recommended minimum size) or larger dry mat at the location where it is to be used. The dry mat will protect the flooring (wood, tile, carpet, floor wax) under and around the SaniStride® mat from any ill effects of prolonged exposure to the shoe disinfectant. The dry mat will also provide an area to wipe shoes and help prevent slipping and possible falls when exiting the SaniStride® mat. The bottoms of the shoes will be very wet and will need to be wiped dry. Alternatively, place a dry mat at the exit side of the SaniStride® mat to dry shoes when the floor finish is not a concern.

STEP 3: Add the Diluted Shoe Disinfectant to the SaniStride® Mat System

First, note the quantity of liquid needed to properly add to your specific mat style.

SaniStride Mat System Volume of liquid to use
Stride 1” deep 160 – 192 fluid ounces (1.25 – 1.50 Gal)
Stride Low Profile ½” deep 108 -114 fluid ounces (.84 – .89 Gal)
Sports Mat ½” deep 24 – 32 fluid ozs (3 – 4 cups)

Overcharging any of the SaniStride systems will result in splashing and possible overflow onto the flooring. 

Due to evaporation and shoe wicking, the amount of sanitizer in the SaniStride system will need to be assessed from day to day, and possibly during the day. Test by stepping onto the mat, and if a very slight puddle is not apparent around the outside of the shoe sole, step off the insert, add a small quantity of liquid (perhaps ½ a quart), then step back onto the insert to retest. Repeat this process until the desired condition is accomplished.

SaniStride customer adds shoe disinfectant to shoe sanitizer mat diminishing the spread of germs

Into each individual Stride base mat (not Sports mat), pour approximately 1/2 a gallon (64 ounces) of diluted liquid into the rubber base mat before putting the insert in place. Doing this helps to disperse the liquid quickly and evenly throughout the insert as you lay it into the base mat. Once the insert is in place then pour the remainder of the required liquid onto it.

Alternatively, the entire quantity of liquid can be poured directly onto the insert (this is the best way to charge the STRIDE RUNNER mat systems). It will then take a few minutes for the liquid to disperse throughout the entire insert. 

Cleaning Protocol

Disinfectant Efficiency?

It is very important to know the efficacy of the disinfectant you are using. Adding sanitizer as needed day-to-day will assist in keeping up the potency of the chemical to a certain extent, but a complete clean-out will need to be performed at regular intervals. Ask your chemical supplier or the manufacturer of the concentrate, how long the disinfectant will be effective at killing germs once diluted and exposed to air. Also, inquire if adding fresh disinfectant as needed day to day will assist in keeping up the potency of the chemical in the mat. 

The answers to these questions will assist you in determining your maintenance and cleaning protocol.

To clean your SaniStride® Mat System…

Remove the insert from the rubber base mat and flush it thoroughly with clean water by hose or in a utility sink.

SaniStride easy clean-up of shoe sanitizer and boot disinfectant mat