Sports 1/2″ Deep Mat

Shoe Sanitizing Sports Mat with SaniStride’s Sports 1/2″ deep mat for small areas – locker room, office doormat, home entry, clinics, laboratory, veterinary, basketball courtside, wrestling mat-side, hospital rooms, and more for disinfecting shoe bottoms and diminishing the spread of germs. See Sports video…

OUR PROPRIETARY TRIPLE-LAYERED INSERT set within the SaniStride proprietary rubber compound mat-well is what sets the SaniStride shoe sanitizing mat system apart from all others. Unlike our competitor’s thin inserts and mat surfaces, SaniStride’s inserts are very spongy and absorbent. They retain within the 3 layers a majority of the germ-killing liquid added to them. The Sanistride® inserts are a proprietary design and constructed to have the same effect as a sponge. They hold the shoe sanitizer added by the customer within ready to inject it into the shoe treads and crevices when stepped on.

SaniStride® Shoe Sanitizing Sports mat performs best on level surfaces. However, on surfaces that are not quite level, the SaniStride® insert can keep the liquid from completely pooling on the down-hill side of the mat due to its very absorbent quality.