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Footwear Sanitizing Doorway Mats – Made in the USA since 2011!

Rubber surface blemishes only (see close-up pictures), leak-free guarantee.

Perfect Footwear Disinfecting Door Mat size for small spaces – office, hospital room, clinic, sports (courtside), locker room, ambulance, home, and more.

The SaniStride® SPORTS Shoe Disinfecting Mat System is comprised of a rubber base mat with a 1/2″ deep sanitizer well and our proprietary spongy, grey carpeted insert with bright color trim.

Note: Sanitizer solution not included – SaniStride does not sell or distribute sanitizers.

Sorry, all sales are final, no returns due to the possibility of mat contamination resulting from customer testing.

Add Sports 1/2″ thick Replacement Inserts to your order here.

Lead time is 3-5 business days – ships UPS ground from Washington.

Yes, we do ship to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska! Email order info from the contact page and we will get you a quote with all fees.

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Sports Mat 1/2″ Deep, Blemished – Footwear Disinfecting Door Mat

The outer dimensions of the rubber base mat are – 19.6″L x 17.6″W x 1/2″H

The inner dimensions (wet sanitizer surface / insert) are – 17″L x  15W x 1/2″ deep

The weight of the SPORTS System is 4.5 lbs. (rubber base mat with insert)

Fill with 3-4 cups of a disinfectant of your choice. A concentrated Quaternary disinfectant that you mix with water at the manufacturer’s dilution rate is suggested and cost-effective. Please do not use chlorine bleach in the Footwear Disinfecting Door Mat as it will damage the system and void the 3-year warranty on the rubber base mat. The 1/2″ thick Sports insert is a Sanistride® proprietary design constructed to have the same effect as a sponge. It holds the shoe sanitizer within ready to inject it into the shoe treads and crevices when stepped on.

Note: Sanitizer solution not included – SaniStride does not sell or distribute sanitizers. Please see the Setup and Maintenance page for recommendations on sanitizer usage. And be sure to question your chemical supplier regarding the efficacy of the sanitizer you are choosing to use… that information will determine how often the solution needs to be replaced to be effective at killing germs on shoes.

Sorry, ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS… Due to the possibility of contamination as a result of customer receiving, testing and re-shipping, SaniStride® does not accept returns and does not offer refunds. However, you can cancel your order within 24 hours.

The SaniStride 1/2″ deep SPORTS mat was designed specifically for small areas and low foot traffic use in: hospital, dental or clinic rooms, home, mobile units, office, sports courtside and locker room applications. Our proprietary insert design is capable of delivering an adjustable saturation of sanitizer when desired for thin-soled shoes such as sandals, wrestling and climbing shoes, street and sports shoes.

Simple Sanitizer Mat Clean Up

Sanistride® mats have an easy clean-out protocol: Simply flush/rinse the insert and base-mat with clean water in a utility sink or with a hose. Stand or hang the insert on end to drain the water quickly and drip dry overnight. If you desire to use the System 24/7, you will want to order a replacement insert with your initial order… it is needed for the cleaning rotation process as one will need to drip dry overnight. Please see the Setup and Maintenance page for more info.

Please note: DO NOT put the insert in the EXTRACTOR, WASHER or DRYER as this will destroy the insert and its inner material.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions19.6 × 17.6 × .5 in

Blue, Red, Yellow


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