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Footwear Sanitizing Antimicrobial Mats for Shoe Disinfecting

Two steps closer to reducing the spread of germs.®

SaniStride, LLC – established in 2011 and made entirely in the USA.

The SaniStride® System was conceptualized and developed by Spark Boemi in 2011. The first sales occurred in the fall of 2012. A vast majority of SaniStride’s customers are completely satisfied with the functionality and durability of our Shoe Sanitizing Mat Systems and continue to be repeat business for SaniStride®.

The SaniStride LLC office is located in Eugene, OR. Our product is made entirely in the USA and manufactured in the States of Oregon and Washington.

Footwear Sanitizing Antimicrobial Mats made by SaniStride® are Shoe Disinfectant Dispensing Mats made in the USA since 2011, aka Shoe & Boot Bath mat, Boot Dip mat, and sanitizer doormats, designed to easily disinfect the bottoms and treads of shoes and boots. The customer adds the sanitizer of their choice

Simple to use, the SaniStride® system has been independently lab-tested to be 99.99% effective as a Shoe Sanitizer Delivery System for reducing the spread of the germs (MRSA and many others) targeted by the sanitizer/disinfectant of your choice. Of course, the sanitizer used must be rated 99.99% effective for our system to provide the same results.

OUR PROPRIETARY TRIPLE-LAYERED INSERT set within our very durable proprietary rubber compound mat well is what sets the SaniStride® Sanitizer Delivery System apart from all others. Handmade in Portland, Oregon since 2011, SaniStride® inserts are unlike any other shoe-sanitizing floor mat component on the market. The Stride insert at 1 inch thick, the Low Profile and Sports inserts at 1/2 inch thick are TRIPLE LAYERED and composed of 2 pieces of high-grade indoor/outdoor carpet that sandwich a very absorbent interior material.

Unlike our competitor’s inserts and mat surfaces, SaniStride’s inserts are very spongy and absorbent…they retain within the 3 layers a majority of the germ-killing liquid added to them. The Sanistride® inserts are a proprietary design and constructed to have the same effect as a sponge. They hold the shoe sanitizer added by the customer within ready to inject it into the shoe treads and crevices when stepped on. SaniStride® Mat Systems perform best on level surfaces. However, on surfaces that are not quite level, the SaniStride® insert can keep the liquid from pooling on the down-hill side of the mat due to its very absorbent quality.

Please be advised that full-strength Chlorine bleach and some other very stringent disinfectants will damage the insert and possibly the rubber base mat. SaniStride® will not be responsible for replacing pieces damaged by the use of such chemicals.

Industries that Use SaniStride® Antimicrobial Mats



Emergency Medical


Fire Service

Fish Hatchery

Food Processing

Health Care Clinics

High Technology





Law Enforcement

Locker Room








Sports Facility




Shoe Sanitizing, Antimicrobial Mats – Technical Information

The Germs that can harbor on the bottoms of our shoes and can be transported from place to place, and cause cross-contamination have been well-documented for many years now. Here are a few supporting articles –

4 reasons wearing shoes inside is bad for your health

Wearing shoes in the house is gross

How Long Germs Last on 9 Not-So-Common Surfaces

The SaniStride® Footwear Sanitizing Antimicrobial Mats are made up of 2 pieces; an SBR rubber base-mat well, and a proprietary handmade insert perfectly designed to deliver a large quantity of germ-killing liquid to the bottoms and treads of shoes. The SaniStride® System is unlike any other shoe sanitizer mat or sanitizing doormat on the market. Made in The USA (Chehalis, WA) the rubber base-mat is chemically formulated for SaniStride® to be extremely flexible yet incredibly strong and durable. The black base-mat compound will not stain floors or shoes and will last many years providing it is not placed atop a sharp object and chlorine or similar stringent or caustic chemicals are not used in it.

Boot dip mat, shoe sanitizing mat, mat with disinfectant, antimicrobial mat, kill germs on shoes, Sanistride, Stride mat
SaniStride customer adds shoe sanitizer to shoe disinfecting mat diminishing the spread of germs

Our proprietary inserts, handmade in Portland, Oregon since 2011 are unlike any shoe-sanitizing floor mat component on the market. The Stride insert at 1 inch thick and the Low Profile insert at 1/2 inch thick are TRIPLE LAYERED and composed of a high-grade indoor/outdoor carpet and a very absorbent interior material. They are very spongy/absorbent and retain within the material a majority of the germ-killing liquid added to them. Also, being double-sided, they can be flipped over in the base mat for a quick cleanup while in service.

Because of their proprietary composition, when stepped on, these double-sided inserts have the ability to deliver a large quantity of shoe disinfectant up into the treads and arches of footwear thoroughly saturating them as well as the sides of the soles… and, no waves, no splashing, no overflow out of the basemat.

TO ASSURE THAT YOU ARE MAXIMIZING THE BIOSECURITY of your SaniStride® Mat System and your facility, the mat INSERT must be cleaned frequently and monitored for the possible build-up of CONTAMINATION of bio-materials and other debris. SaniStride recommends the replacement of inserts within 6 months of use to assist in protecting against possible contamination build-up within the SaniStride® system.

Shoe/boot washers, sanitizers… is important that they be cleaned out or reset regularly.

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Shoe Sanitizer Mat Video Demos

SaniStride mats ramp comparison, shoe sanitizer mat, mat with disinfectant, boot dip mat

Top image – Our STRIDE 1″ deep mat with 2″ wide surround ramps must be entered by stepping up and onto the insert sanitizing surface due to the steep angle of the ramp from the floor to the sanitizing surface. This mat system is used mostly in industrial applications.





Middle image – Our EASY STRIDE 1″ deep mat with 4″ wide surround ramps offers “easy” entry and exit due to the moderate ramp rise from the floor to the insert sanitizing surface. This mat system is mostly used in industrial applications.






Bottom image – Our LOW PROFILE 1/2″ deep mat with 4″ wide surround ramps meets ADA requirements and offers “very easy” entry and exit due to the gentle ramp rise from the floor to the insert sanitizing surface. This mat system is used in commercial & industrial applications. Carts, wheelchairs, hospital beds and heavily laden racks can easily be rolled over this mat for wheel sanitizing.



Sanistrde® DOES NOT recommend stepping on the ramps of any of its shoe sanitizer mat systems due to the possibility of unsure footing.